Fazup Anti-Radiation Sticker Patch Silver (2 stickers in 1 box)

Two Stickers in 1 Box
Fazup eliminates or reduces feelings of discomfort due to Radiation
85% of satisfied users
Reliable and very effective, Fazup is a revolutionary product resulting from 10 years of intensive research. Globally patented, this new technology created in France produces outstanding results. Its performances have been tested and validated by EMITECH, a French laboratory certified by COFRAC for the measurement of SAR. In order to ensure the optimal performance as certified in laboratory conditions, Fazup must be placed in a specific location at the back of your mobile, in accordance with an exclusive placement system that is specific to each compatible mobile phone.

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FAZUP is a patent-protected extra-thin patch containing a passive antenna that regulates and reduces up to 99% of the radiation absorbed by your brain and body without affecting the quality of your phone connection or battery life (measured by Emitech lab).
The efficiency of the patch is scientifically-proven and laboratory approved by independent tests.
Fazup is a worldwide patented technology and made in France.

Each patch is positioned on the back of your phone thanks to a patented positioning tool, that takes into account your mobile model for optimal result.
Fazup supports all mainstream phone models.

Results: In independently collected reviews involving 1000 testers on testertout.com, Fazup received impressive results:
– 95% reduction of headaches
– 98% heading due to cellphone
– 98% sleep disorder
see full test results and reviews at www.fazupreviews.com

Fazup is patent protected